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Investment Casting, also widely known as the ‘Lost Wax Process’, is supposedly the most ancient mode of manufacturing metal parts. As old as about 5000 years ago, in the time of the Pharaohs, it was used by the Egyptians to make gold jewellery (Therefore the name ‘Investment’). About 100 years ago, the use of the Lost Wax process was discovered and applied for Dental inlays and later also for Surgical Implants. The process, as versatile as this, promises casting of intricate shapes with high accuracy. And therefore, is used to manufacture parts ranging from turbo charger wheels to golf club heads, from electronic boxes to modish replacement implants. Additionally, metals which are hard to machine or fabricate otherwise, stage as good contenders for this process. The process capable of making parts that cannot be produced by normal manufacturing techniques is therefore utilised to manufacture turbine blades that have complex shapes, or airplane parts that have to withstand high temperatures. Amidst all this, the attention however, was turned to this process when there felt a need to manufacture accurately shaped blades. It was the solution of the four key
problems that entitled the process to take all the credit:
1. Castings had to be reproducible within close dimensional limits
2. Castings had to be produced in high melting point alloys
3. There had to be high standards of metallurgical quality
4. Costs had to be lower than that of alternative techniques

5000 years ago

Investment Casting (The Lost Wax Process) has been practised for thousand of years, with lost wax process being one of the oldest known metal forming techniques. From 5000 years ago, when bees wax formed the pattern, to today’s high technology waxes, refractory materials and specialist alloys, the castings ensure high quality components are produced with the key benefits of accuracy, repeatability, versatility and integrity.

4000 years ago

Investment Casting is one of the earliest forms of casting, dating back in use over 4000 years when production of idols, ornaments and jewellery using natural beeswax for patterns, clay for the moulds and manually operated bellows for stoking furnaces was carried out. Examples of investment cast production have been found in Egypt from the tombs of Tut-Ankh-Amun (1333 BC – 1324 BC), in China from Han Dynasty tombs (209 BC – 9 AD) with some of the earliest investment casting known to have taken place during the Shang Dynasty (1766 BC – 1122 BC), other examples of early investment cast articles have also been found in Mesopotamia, Mexico, and the Benin civilization in Africa where the process was used to produce intricately detailed artwork of copper, bronze and gold.


Investment casting really started to become a modern industrial process in the 1940′s as the onset of World War II increased the demand for precision net shape manufacturing processes and the use of specialized alloys that could not be shaped by traditional methods. Investment casting could produce these near net shape components more quickly and accurately than traditional machining methods that were becoming overwhelmed by the demand.Investment Casting Process was found practical for many wartime needs and during the postwar period it expanded into many commercial and industrial applications where complex metal parts were needed.


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